Emergency treatments
Quick relief during the cooler months of the year
We also offer slots for emergency treatment of skin problems on short notice –  weekdays, even on Friday. Call to schedule an appointment.

Convenient central location
Our office is centrally located at Ledererhof 7 (right next to Bretzl Gwölb, We look forward to seeing you there!

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Removing sun damage by means of light? Is it possible to get rid of small ‘skin sins’, while enhancing your appearance in the process? Consult us to find out more about Dr. Schön’s brand-new treatment und see if photodynamic therapy (PDT) can help you ‘iron out’ any skin damage you might have.

A new remedy for psoriasis
State-of-the-art biotechnology offers entirely new ways of treating psoriasis with so-called biologics. These biotechnologically manufactured medicines made to resemble endogenous substances are gently injected into the skin. Book a personal consultation with Dr. Schön to learn more about this treatment.

Get rid of painful abscesses under your arm pits and in intimate areas (acne inversa or hidradentitis suppurativa) once and for all! If you suffer from one of the above ailments, you may find real relief with new treatment based on biotechnologically manufactured medicines. The substances that have been adapted to the body to the greatest possible extent are gently injected. Even nodes and scars can be gradually improved if the body responds well to this treatment. Don’t wait any longer to improve your quality of life! Call to set up an appointment.

Corporate health skin care
We are happy to serve small and bigger companies, providing you and your team regular dermatological screening (targeting birthmarks, moles and early signs of skin cancer). Get in touch with us today!

Super-effective plasma lifting
Glowing skin, radiant eyes without dark circles and healthy hair right in time for the upcoming festive season. This is what super-powerful plasma lifting can do! Indulge in a truly natural treatment produced straight from your own plasma. On site, in just twenty minutes.

Thread lifting: Dr. Schön’s fixed and proven treatment
An exclusive, discreet lifting method used in both men and women to strengthen facial skin tissue with ultra-thin threads. No scalpels or anesthesia required! Now this is business lifting to go!

The new big trend: defined eyebrows!
Japanese microcblading gives your eyebrows an incredibly natural look. The lines drawn by our top permanent make-up artist add a touch of elegance and a fresh look to your face. Be it early in the morning or right after working out – you’ll always look your very best.

Dr. Heidemarie Schön
Specialist in Dermatology and
Venerology | Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine

A-1010 Wien, Ledererhof 7 / Top 2
T +43 1 513 68 76, Fax ext. 30, M +43 664 196 30 30


Monday to Friday
Short-notice appointments can also be arranged at any time of the year.

Imagebild von Hautärztin Dr. Heidemarie Schön - Hautartzt in 1010 Wien